嗯,这是一篇英文新闻,平板盒子的翻译压力挺大的,大牛们自己看吧,一样看不懂的知道有这个消息就行了,反正平板盒子的用户多数是购买Android平板的,iPad和我们没太大关系。根据外媒9to5Mac的报道称Cupertino苹果总部正打算为iPad家族提供全新的SKU(库存单位),鉴于之前 的16GB,32GB和64GB三款型号分别用“Good”,”better” 和 “best”来形容,而对于这个即将到来的SKU美国零售商透露称将会使用“ultimate”形容词,结合今天早上曝光的6.1代码中出现128GB的 型号所以外媒猜测苹果可能会推出128GB的iPad。


3.这款SKU确定也会推出WiFi-Only和WiFi + Cellular两个版本。


We’ve gotten word from sources that Apple is preparing to release (in some fashion) a single, additional iPad model. This would be a new SKU for the current fourth-generation iPad with Retina display line. At this point, we do not have pricing information, so it is definitely difficult to pinpoint exactly what this new iPad model is.

Here is what we do know:

It is a fourth-generation iPad, not a new design.
It comes in both the current black and white color options.
It comes in both WiFi-only and WiFi + Cellular versions.
It is a more premium SKU that will join the current line of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB fourth-generation iPads.
10-pack deals (in both colors) for educational institutions will be offered.
With developers finding code in the soon-to-be-released iOS 6.1 that points to 128GB iOS devices, and with recent findings of 128GB references in Apple’s recent iTunes 11 release, speculation naturally points to Apple releasing a 128GB iPad in the very near future. While it is certainly plausible that this new iPad model is the 128GB iPad, we are currently not confident enough to outright claim that, but it seems likely based on the evidence.

Here are the new SKUs via a source at a high-profile U.S. retailer:


The P101 and P103 names are Apple’s internal nomenclature for the WiFi-only and Cellular-compatible fourth-generation iPads, respectively. Both of those models comes in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB configurations. These storage sizes are known as “GOOD,” “BETTER,” and “BEST,” respectively. As you can see in our table above, Apple is preparing to release the additional “ULTIMATE” model. “ULTIMATE” frequently refers to the most premium or highest capacity model available. The “A” points to a black configuration, and “B” stands for the white option.

Additionally, we’re currently not hearing about any imminent launches for a new iPad mini model.

It is possible that Apple is adding a new fourth-generation iPad SKU that is specific to government agencies, retail, or for other internal uses (this is something Apple has done before with other product lines). It is also possible that this model includes a feature (or features) other than 128GB of storage, but the current iPad’s technical specifications and feature-set does not seem in need of an imminent update. An iPad redesign is reportedly due this fall.

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